Danika on Her Trip to NZ!


Here’s team rider Danika Duffy on her trip to New Zealand!

Sheep, sheep, and more sheep!

“For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, one of the best ways to get some summer riding in is to venture down under to New Zealand. Since I received a back fracture at the end of the 09/10 season, I wasn’t sure how hard I would be able to snowboard, but I knew that I wanted to go get in some off season training, compete in the Burton Open, meet fellow BR team rider Charlotte Trundle, and munch on some of Snow Park’s delicious wedges! We both got some great shots with photographer Pablo Azocar and had a great time getting to know each other.

Danika with a crisp boarslide PC Pablo Azocar

Two days after our shoot, it was time for the Burton Open! It was pretty icy the day were set to compete, and we both had some pretty unsettling injuries that we were still dealing with (my back, and Charlotte’s recent concussion) but I was so proud that we were still able to get out there and compete!

Danika flyin' high!

 Charlotte and I had so much fun riding at Snow Park! It was such a good experience to get to ride together and push each other.

Charlotte keepin' it cool with a nosepress

We both learned a ton of new jib tricks and got to feast on wedges with sour cream and sweet chili in the Woolshed, the restaurant on the hill.

JACKPOT! yum yum yum

Even though New Zealand is small, there is so much to do there! Twice during my visit, Charlotte and I made the venture down to Queenstown, a nearby city to Charlotte’s hometown, Wanaka. On the first day in Queenstown, we went up a huge gondola to a luging track, where we got to race in the rain.

Riders, start your engines! Sort of.

After that, we headed over to an indoor miniature golf place, where things got a little out of control. I struggled quite a bit, and ultimately put a crack in the Caddy Shack International Airport on the very first hole! Charlotte did much better than me, but no one could beat my mom, who got the winning score by at least 5 points!

Do we see a pro mini golf career in Charlotte's future?

The next day we were in Queenstown, we got to go on the Shotover Jet, a boat that can run in just 3 mm of water, goes at high speed, drives extremely close to rocks, and does fun 360’s in the water.(Photo 10 char and I waiting to go on the boat) We were all a little scared, but faired far better than the lady who was seated in front of us. We all figured she would have a little bit of trouble when she boarded the boat in 5 inch heels, and our worries were confirmed when, within seconds of stepping off the boat, she threw up everywhere!

Charlotte and Danika, waiting to board the boat!

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and Wanaka is
definitely one of the prettiest places I have ever been. Right by Charlotte’s house is a beautiful hiking trail that leads you right up Iron Mountain and has a beautiful 360 view from the top. My mom and I loved hiking up there after a long day on the hill.

Hiking and goofing off after a long day on the hill

I was so sad to go home, but Charlotte and I are quite excited for the upcoming season. Hopefully, Charlotte and I will get to be roomates in Mammoth, and continue shredding all through the winter!”

Charlotte and Danika, where will they go next?

That’s all for now!

XOXO Danika Duffy & Betty Rides


Betty Rides in Transworld 2011 Gear Guide!


Grab yourself a copy of the 2011 Transworld Gear Guide, and keep an eye out for our ads!

Our full page ad on page 242 features our Team Rider Danika Duffy wearing, her favorite, the Nicole Parka in Pink Tigress. Our one-third page features two awesome gloves, the real-leather, super comfortable Lux Glove in White, and the Tigress Spring Glove, also in Pink Tigress.

If you flip over to page 37, you’ll see a great Betty Rides outfit in the “boot cut” section of the outerwear guide! Featured is the All Mountain KGB Jacket in charcoal, and the All Mountain Skinny Cargo Pants in Dark Wine. Don’t they make a cute pair?

And keep reading on to page 208 of the Product Showroom, Special Advertising Section. We have four great pieces featured! You’ll find the Classics Nicole Parka in Preppy Plaid, and the Lucky Plaid Private Parka in Ruby Plaid. For pants, we showcased the Lucky Plaid Siouxsie Pant in White, and the Day Dream Betty Jean in White Tigress. Any of these items will make a great addition to your wardrobe this season. See what our team riders Taylor Bacci and Danika Duffy have to say about our gear!

Also, our dresses and hoody dresses have been a huge hit and we just got a new shipment in! We’re totally stoked, we weren’t expecting such a huge response to our summer line!


Thanks for checkin’ in! We’re so happy to have a great following of awesome girls! Can’t WAIT for this season… it’s just around the corner!


Taylor @ Windells


Our team Rider Taylor Bacci from Bend, Oregon came up last week for some summer snow on Mt. Hood and to check out the Windells park. Here’s a few shots of her on the hill wearing one of our new summer hoodies!

Looking good girl!


Tranworld August Ad


If you haven’t already. . Pick up the August Issue of Transworld Snowboarding. . it might cure some of those off season blues. . or maybe make them worse. Either way it’s a great read and you can check out our ad featuring the gorgeous and talented Betty Rides Team Rider Olya Smeshlivaya.

Olya is wearing the Manic Jacket and Betty Jean from our 2010/11 line. Our full line will be available for viewing later this month on our website, we’ll definitely keep you posted when that happens!


it’s. the. WEEKEND!


It’s every one’s favorite day of the week! Time to break free from your cubicles, jump in your clunker, bare the weekend traffic and fire up that barbecue! Mooch a friend’s boat, break into the neighborhood pool, hit up your local swimming spot, or just chill.

Have a fun one, kiddies!

enjoy a silly video from the Betty crew ❤


hangin’ @ Hood for the Sammy C Invitational, shootin’ the breeze with some innocent bystanders, a little bit from Betty Rides sponsor nights @ Windells and STUFF.

New US Team Rider, Karly Shorr!


We’ve picked up a killer little Michigander! (yeah, I googled that) She’s 16 and shredding hard!

Miss Karly Shorr rides Boyne Mountain, in Michigan, her home state.  She’s been riding as long as she can remember and she’s in her third year of competitive snowboarding. She just wrapped up a month on Hood here in Oregon (holla!), and it sounds like she had a great time! Aside from a minor tumble in the half pipe on her last day that sent her down the hill in the big flashing white van (you know the one), she had a really fun time and got a ton of great coaching!

Karly started as a competitive gymnast, and those skills and discipline have definitely carried over into her snowboarding. She is a part of the O-Park Team in Michigan where she has been lucky enough to train in their awesome 22ft pipe! Karly wrapped up her 2010 season with a 3rd place finish in slope and 4th in pipe in the USASA Nationals, and 5th for REV Tour in slopestyle.

Welcome to the family Karly, we’re excited for the next year and we’re predicting BIG THINGS!


NEW! Super Cute Summer Looks!


Hey, girls! We’re happy to present to you our Summer 2010 line of dresses and hoodies! Our new looks feature never before seen Betty Rides designs on great-fitting American Apparel clothing made in the US (woohoo!)


To see the full line and check out purchase options, head over to http://www.bettyrides.com/home/gear/chooserSG10.html!

If you live in the lovely Portland area, just stop by the office! We’d be happy to see your pretty little faces.

216 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232 (between 10-5pm)


Leave your nunchucks @ home


The owner and President of Betty Rides, Janet, and Sales Manager Tim went overseas the other week to check on 2010/11 production and 2011/12 development.

Here’s Janet in her hotel room looking over Hong Kong. .

And definitely DON’T bring your nunchucks onto the plane. .  well or your golf clubs, scissors or skateboard for that matter.


And yet another . .


Session went down at Windells last night. . another great night of girls, polish, candy, creativity and good times!

Desing a Hoody Contest for a prize!

mmm candy

Helping out with some nail painting

these girls are tough!

watching a Shaun White vid. . don't really know whats up with the subtitles.

Check out the new hoody dresses! Windells edition on left and right. . pow wow hoody in the middle

another great wall o' designs!

voting. . hard decisions

2nd place hoody prize winner

1st place winner of a new Jacket!

girls of session 5



Alex in Australia


A new Betty Rides affiliated rider, Alex Fitch from Australia is enjoying her winter across the world. She placed first in her category at the Thredbo big air competition on Saturday! She’s only 14 and rippin’ it up! Nice Job

Getting some camera love.